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Environmental Special Days Calendar

February 2 World Wetlands day Thursday
March 22 World Day for WaterWednesday
23World Metrological DayThursday
20-26Nat. Water Week Mon-Sun
April 14-17 Easter Weekend
22 Earth Day Saturday
May 1-7 National Bird WeekMon-Sun
22Int. Day of Biological Diversity Monday
June 5 World Environment DayMonday
5-9Nat. Environmental WeekMon-Sun
17World day to combat Desertification and Drought Saturday
August 19-27 WESSA 80th Birthday week  
September 1-7 National Arbor WeekMon-Sun
11-16Nat. Cleanup WeekMon-Sun
16Preservation of Ozone layerSaturday
16Int. Coastal Clean up Saturday
October 2World Habitat DayMonday
9-15Nat. Weed Buster WeekMon-Sun
20Nat. Marine DayFriday
16-20Nat. Marine Week Mon-Sun
November 25 Birding Big Day Saturday

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