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Klapperkop Hill project

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Mission: to support the conservation and rehabilitation of Groenkloof Nature Reserve, Klapperkop Hill and the surrounding green areas, and promote the conservation and sustainable utilisation, including low impact recreational activities, of the area.

The main objective for 2005-2006: the conversion of Klapperkop Hill to a nature reserve, to fence the area in with 2,4m game fence, to build two gatehouses, to re-establish plants and wildlife, and facilitate hiking and cycling trails and other low impact recreational activities.

Fencing Project
Responsibilities map
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Groups responsible for sponsoring sections of the reserve (see responsibilities map):

  • Green Conservation Section of Tshwane Municipality
  • Orange Groenkloof
  • Brown Waterkloof Gholf Estate
  • Blue Waterkloof 101, Radcliffe and Waterkloof Ridge
  • Entrance gate east Waterkloof 101
  • Entrance gate west Waterkloof Golf estate
  • Entrance gate Groenkloof (pedestrian) Groenkloof
  • Rehabilitation southern slope (Phase 2) Waterkloof Golf Estate, Dept of Water Affairs, Conservation section of Tshwane Municipality and a section by Waterkloof 101
  • Cycling and hiking routes, signage and rehabilitation sport clubs and sponsors

Cost of Groenkloof and Waterkloof fence (red and blue line on map):
R91/metre. (R81/metre for the 2,4metre high game fence and an extra R10/metre pro rata contribution for the pedestrian gate and an additional palisade fence in sensitive areas).

All donations / sponsorship of R5000 or more will be honoured with a founder members plaque.

Business advertising / sponsorship is also available at the Groenkloof pedestrian gate and the other gates for contributions of R10 000 or more.

Any additional funds received above the fencing budget will be used for the rehabilitation of the hill and the re-introduction of lost species.

Example of other cities with nature parks:
  • Cape Town Table mountain reserve
  • Nairobi National Peace Park, Kenya
  • Golden Gate, San Francisco, USA
  • Moab, Colorado river, Utah, USA
  • Lake Tahoe, California, USA
Progress already made:
  • Wattle removal continuing process
  • Erosion control
  • First 1km fencing complete
  • Approval and support from Municipality officials
  • Agreements with bordering residential estates
Long term sustainability:
  • Municipality contributions: maintenance of fence, guards and patrols, continuing management and rehabilitation, reintroduction of game species and reserve management.
  • To form part of the larger existing Groenkloof Nature Reserve and will also derive revenue from permits from mountain cycling and competitions
Benefits for the community:
  • The opportunity to walk, hike, jog, cycle, mountain bike, view game in a nature reserve, and enjoy the views over the city from a nature reserve all within walking distance from your home.
  • Safe environment
  • Property appreciation
  • View on nature reserve from suburbs
  • Care, preserve, utilise and enhance our natural and cultural resources.